University libraries reading rooms closed until the end of August

Usually the 3 libraries count more than 45000 entries a day and are mostly used by patrons for long working sessions. This is not possible with current health standards.
illustration coronavirus

According to the decision of the President of Université de Rennes 1 to close university to the public, in compliance with the rules of protection against COVID-19, Rennes 1 university libraries are closed to the public.

Since the announcement by the President of the republic about the beginnning of lockdown exit on May 11th and the Prime Minister's speech on April 28th, many have asked when libraries would be likely to reopen.

It is not
yet possible to reopen libraries reading rooms under normal conditions: Patrons who usually sit for a long time touching equipment, books and furniture cannot be safe in our closed spaces yet. Therefore physical distancing and public health recommandations for a slow and gradual lockdown exit requires to return very slowly, step by step, service by service.

That’s the reason why university decided libraries should remain closed to the public until the end of August. However, many library services have and will be set up to ensure the best possible access to documentation and support for its use.

What news about reopening ?

Depending on the status of the pandemic, the librarians will welcome you on the planning reopening date of the 3 libraries, Monday August 31st, 2020, 8:45 am, under the following conditions:

  • seats will be limited in the libraries
  • a seat reservation system should be implemented
  • safety mesures must be respected in the premises (hand washing with soap and water or sanitiser gel, wearing a face mask, keep distances)

Check Libraries website and twitter account for periodic updates and information.