Terms and conditions of use

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  3. Resources accessible using a special access code
  4. Use of the resources on mobile device (smartphone, tablet)


Access to online resources made available by the SCD is neither open nor free. With the signature of its President, the whole University commits to respecting the terms of full legal licences. These state, in particular, that large-volume content downloads and the use of offline readers are prohibited, as is the dissemination of copyrighted content. Any individual breaches in this regard may lead to a suspension of the online service for the entire university community.

  • I must have my Sesame account (ID and password used to access the ENT, email, etc.).
  • If I am a Rennes 1 student or staff member (including contract staff and professors emeriti), I can access most resources wherever I am (at the university, while travelling, at home).

  • If I am a temporary worker, temporary guest, retired staff member or trainee, I can access resources at the university (on all campuses and on the WiFi network).

  • If I don’t have any links with the university, I can access resources via the public workstations in the university libraries. With the exception of SciFinder, which is only available to UR1 members.

If you join the library as an external user, you will not have remote access to online resources.



Database access is provided by a reverse proxy both locally and remotely. The presence of the suffix "passerelle.univ-rennes1.fr" inside the address UR1 which displays in your address bar guarantees that you are recognized well as coming from the university of Rennes 1. Our hints and tips can allow you to improve your experience as user of the online resources, in particular to open you the online accesses.

Resources accessible using a special access code

Some resources require a special ID and password, available in the ENT :

  • E-Vidal
  • Global Retail News
  • Kiosque en ligne Onisep
  • L'information dentaire
  • Le Moniteur des pharmacies
  • Réalités cliniques
  • Responsable Santé
  • Revue de gériatrie

Please do not disclose the codes outside of the University, as the number of simultaneous accesses is limited for some of these resources.

Use of the resources on mobile device (smartphone, tablet)

 In certain cases, the on-line resources are also available in the form of mobile applications.
We invite you for the use on smartphones and tablets as far as possible to favor the Web versions rather than the mobile applications.
We recommend you in every case to be all eyes on the conditions of accesses and authorization requests expressed by the product before any download. You can for example for it use Exodus, platform of analysis of the applications for smartphone Android.
In any event, note that the University does not insure technical support on the external mobile applications.