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Supernova searches:

  •  in the Rennes 1 library catalogue (books, ebooks, journals),
  • in the databases and online journals that Rennes 1 subscribes to (journal articles, ebook chapters, etc.)
  • in some open access library resources.

So you can find:

  •  books, journals, thesis, physically available in Rennes 1 libraries,
  • but also ebooks, scientific articles from the many journals and databases to which the university has subscribed  and from open access sources.


You can also browse the databases directly from the website, Online resources section. Some resources are not (or barely) covered by Supernova. On the website, the filter “In Supernova” allows you to know which resources are covered in full or not


Too many results?

The "In Rennes 1 libraries" facet allows you to display only what is present on the library shelves.
So you can exclude online articles and some of the ebooks, even if some ebooks may still appear once this facet has been selected.

La facette "Dans les bibliothèques de Rennes 1"

Access the full text

Supernova allows you to directly access the full text of articles and ebooks found.
Then, you can :

  • view them online
  • download them when the publisher’s platform offer this feature.


Accès au texte intégral


Direct URL

To add Supernova to your browser favourites, use the direct URL: