Request a document borrowed by another user
CC0 by SCY via Pixabay


A document has been checked out by another user : the reservation allows you to have it put aside for you, as soon as it is returned.
It is possible for the already borrowed books, belonging to your library or another Rennes 1 library.
It prevents the current borrower from extending its loan.

You can submit a remote loan request via the search results list in Supernova, catalogue and collection search tool.
Just log in to your library account and click on « réservation / prêt nomade" [Remote loan/reservation]. You can choose the library where the document will be available.

There is no set time limit for collecting a reserved document. It all depends on when the previous borrower returns it to the library.
When a book you have reserved becomes available, you will receive an email indicating:

  • which library to collect it from — the library you are affiliated to,
  • how long it is held for you — there is a 5-day time limit.

You can also follow your reservations via your library account.

The reservation service concerns all library items except :

Reservation is not possible for documents belonging to the following libraries : CEDRE, CEU de Saint-Brieuc, Science-Po Rennes, CHD, IPAG, IRMAR and OSUR.