Remote loans and reservations

Have a document sent over!

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  1. How does it work?
  2. Turnaround times
  3. Remote loans are not possible if...
  4. Reserve a document
  5. Turnaround times
  6. Reservation is not possible if...

How does it work?

Thanks to the remote loan service, you can have documents sent over to your affiliated library free of charge:

The remote loan service concerns all library items, except documents not for loan, journals, legal codes from the Law-Economics-Management UL, and French national medical exam (ECN) documents from the Health UL.

Turnaround times

Documents requested as remote loans are available within 36 hours minimum. The turnaround time may be longer depending on the courier’s circuit and the availability of the requested document.
You will receive an email when the document arrives at your affiliated library reception.

Tip: submit your request before 8am in the morning to cut the turnaround time.

Remote loans are not possible if...

You cannot have a document sent over as a remote loan if:

  • there is a copy of the document available in your affiliated library,
  • the document belongs to another Rennes 1, Rennes 2 or INSA library, for example,
  • it is a legal code from the Law-Economics-Management UL,
  • it is a French national medical exam (ECN) document from the Health UL,
  • it is a journal issue,
  • the document is already out on loan (in this case your request becomes a reservation).

Reserve a document

You can reserve books already out on loan from your UL or another Rennes 1 UL

You can submit a reservation request via the search results list in Supernova.
Just click on “Demande de réservation [Reservation request]”, then login into your library account.
A message will indicate whether the reservation has been made or not.

Turnaround times

There is no set time limit for collecting a reserved document. It all depends on when the previous borrower returns it to the library.
When a book you have reserved becomes available, you will receive an email indicating:

  • which library to collect it from — the library you are affiliated to,
  • until when it is held for you — there is a 5-day time limit.

You can also follow your reservations via your library account.
If your reservation request is not met within 40 days, you will receive an email indicating that your reservation has expired and inviting you to submit another request if you wish.

Reservation is not possible if...

  • You cannot reserve a book belonging to another library in the network online. If you would like to reserve a book from one of these libraries, please contact the library it belongs to,
  • you cannot reserve an ebook,
  • you cannot reserve a book that is not for loan,
  • you cannot reserve a book if other copies are still available, even if they are in another UL,
  • you cannot reserve a journal issue.