Remote loans

Get a document from another Rennes 1 library!

Prêt nomade - services en ligne - CCBy PeggyMarco via pixabay

Remote loan

The remote loan service is free of charge and allows you to have documents from other University of Rennes 1 libraries delivered to the university library of your choice, included  INSA  library :

Remote loan is not possible for documents belonging to the libraries of CEDRE, CEU de Saint-Brieuc, Science-Po Rennes, CHD, IPAG, IRMAR,IDPSP, IUT de Saint Malo and OSUR.

You can submit a remote loan request via the search results list in Supernova :

  1. log in to your library account
  2. look for the document you are interested in
  3. click on « réservation/prêt nomade [Remote loans and reservation]
  4. you can choose the library where the document will be available.

Documents requested by the way of the  remote loan service are available within 36 hours minimum.
The turnaround time may be longer depending on the courier’s circuit and the availability of the requested document.
You are notified by email of the arrival of the document at your selected library reception desk.

Tip: submit your request before 8 am  to reduce processing the turnaround time.


You can track your remote loan requests in your library account.

The remote loan service concerns all library items except :