Printing, photocopying, scanning

Printing, photocopying, scanning: rates & informations for the 3 libraries

Korrigo Services card

You may have heard about the upcoming use of the Korrigo Services card for printing, photocopying and scanning at the university?

This new service is not yet in place: the university is waiting for the arrival of new copiers to make the transition. The date is not yet known.
In the meantime, the solution for photocopying, printing and scanning at the library is as described below.

Please note that we will not be able to reimburse the remaining units on your current card at the time of the changeover: we invite you to buy only the units you need at the moment.

Where to find copiers in the libraries?

  BU Beaulieu BU Centre BU Villejean Santé

1 multi-function printer (printing, photocopying, scanning) on the ground floor

Select the printer "SciencesRDC"

1 multi-function printer (printing, photocopying, scanning) in the "Impressions" carrel of room F: select "« Imprimante Centre Patio ».

1 multi-function printer (printing, photocopying, scanning) in the lobby: select « Imprimante Centre Hall ».

Rennes1prim': for staff with a Rennes1prim' card, a photocopier is at your disposal in room G - Legal journals and room H (on the first floor). You can photocopy, scan and print using your professional card.



Printing is not working  at the BU Villejean Santé.

We apologise for this inconvenience.

Photocopy & scan

2 copiers on the ground floor : 1 printer and 1 photocopier

1 photocopier on the 1st floor

2 copiers in the lobby : 1 printer and 1 photocopier

1 photocopier on the ground floor

1 photocopier in the lobby

To print: print only from library computers. You cannot print from a laptop.

Scan a document

You can scan your personal documents free of charge and send them by email:

  • using a pre-loaded card to enable the copier (the library can loan you one)
  • free of charge: your card will not be debited
  • send via email: you can enter your email address manually or use the LDAP search function (University email)
This service is reserved for personal documents only (identity documents, lecture notes, etc.) For copyright reasons, it is strictly prohibited to scan library documents

Buy a reprography card

Photocopies and printouts are charged:

  • 0,10 € by unit,
  • Payment by coins and banknotes only. Bank cards are not accepted.

The cards can also be used in the BU Beaulieu and BU Centre.

Photocopy, print or scan at the libraries using the ENT printing credit and the reprography cards purchased outside the libraries of Rennes 1 is impossible.

Printing rates

A4 black and white Single & double sided 1 unit (= 0,10 €)
A4 colour Single & double sided 5 units (= 0,50 €)
A3 black and white Single & double sided 2 units (= 0,20 €)
A3 colour Single & double sided 10 units (= 1€)

Photocopy rates

A4 black & white frontpage 1 unit (= 0,10 €)
A4 black & white double sided 2 units (= 0,20 €)
A4 colour frontpage 5 units (= 0,50 €)
A4 colour double sided 10 units (= 1 €)
A3 black & white frontpage 2 units (= 0,20 €)
A3 black & white double sided 4 units (= 0,40 €)
A3 colour frontpage 10 units (= 1 €)
A3 colour double sided 20 units (= 2 €)