Printing, photocopying, scanning

Printing, photocopying, scanning: rates & informations

New printing services at the university

Université de Rennes 1 is changing its printing and copying service in autumn 2021.

Members of Université de Rennes 1

Students and staff will use the same printing system, Imprime-UR1.

External registered user of the library (Patrons from outside Université de Rennes 1)

It is necessary to register at the library to use the print, scan and copy system, as it is essential to have a Sesame to unlock the copiers.

You can credit your account : to connect, please use your personal email address on papercut site.

The system previously used in the university libraries, with the purchase of a card, is no longer available. We are not able to repay the remaining units on your current card (cartadis) when you switch to the new system. If you have a heavily loaded card (at least 50 units), please contact the library staff.


Printing service

I print from a university or library computer
For the whole university, the printing service operates from a university computer, using the Imprime-UR1 printer. The copiers are common and shared: it is possible to unlock the printing of any Toshiba copier :
  • select the Printer « Imprime-UR1 »   from the computer's list of printers
  • then retrieve the printout directly from the copier of your choice

In this case, prints are set to double-sided by default.

I connect a USB stick directly to the copier

It only work to print a file (PDF or image only).

The USB stick must be in FAT32 format.

In this case, prints are set to single-sided by default.

I upload my file to the Imprime-UR1 website
For  PDF file only

Log in to « Imprime-UR1 » from a smartphone, tablet or laptop:

  • select the last menu entry, "Impression Web " (from a smartphone, you may need to click on the "Passer sur mode bureau " link at the bottom of the page to view this menu entry)
  • click on "Envoyer un travail ".
  • you can change the number of copies requested (1 by default)
  • import the document to be printed and click on "Envoyer & Terminer»

Then retrieve the printout directly from the copier of your choice.

In this case, prints are set to single-sided by default.



Rates, how to credit your account

The rates applied are described on the Docinfo site of the Information System Department (DSI).

See also :

Where to find copiers in the academic libraries?

BU Beaulieu BU Centre BU Villejean Santé

3 multi-function copiers (print, photocopies, scan):

  • 2 on the ground floor
  • 1 on the first floor

Find the copiers in a « Photocopie » room, located at the entrance of the reading room.

5 multi-function copiers (print, photocopies, scan):

  • 1 in the "Impressions" room of room F
  • 2 in the hall
  • 1 in room G –Revues juridiques & politiques
  • 1 in room H (first floor)



4 multi-function copiers (print, photocopies, scan):

  • 2 on the ground floor ("Impressions" room)
  • 1 on the first floor (« Photocopie » room)



Find out which copiers are available on campus and available to students.

Korrigo Services card

Université de Rennes 1 and STAR are partners and propose to use the Korrigo card as a multi-service card for the university, including printing, scanning and photocopying services.

  • The first time you use this reprographic system, when you connect to the copier, you will have to enter your Sesame ID and password and place your Korrigo card on the reader.
  • Next time, simply place your Korrigo card on the card reader to unlock the copier

Without a card, printing is still possible with your Sesame ID: you will have to type them each time you use a copier.

You will therefore save time by using your Korrigo card: simply place it on the card reader of the copier to log in.