Patrons from outside the university : know all

Summary of the registration conditions and of the services offered to non members of Université de Rennes 1
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[22/12] COVID-19: Your registration has be automatically extended for a period of 3 months from the lockdown

[01/02/2021] On autumn 2020, all outstanding loans had been extended until Monday, February 8, 2021 (except loans already overdue before the 30th of October and short loans).  From 8 February, loans return to normal operation: you can renew your library items 2 times each., reminder letters sent by email. For all special cases, please contact us:bu-contactatlistes [p0int] univ-rennes1 [p0int] fr.

Pre-registration form

Only non-members of the university may complete this form. It’s not necessary if you are a student, teacher or other staff from Université de Rennes 1.

This form is a pre-registration: informations  sent are checked by the librarians and used for your registration. They will contact you once the registration is ready to finalise the operation.


Registration is free for :

  • The students, teachers, researchers and staff from the Bretagne Loire university network (Angers, Bretagne Occidentale, Bretagne Sud, Le Mans, Nantes, Rennes 2), INSA Rennes, ENS Rennes
  • INRIA staff
  • Job seekers and recipients of social minima
  • Asylum seekers

Students and staff from others French universities: 30€ for 12 months
Others posibilities : 15€ for 3 months, 40€ for 12 months
Cash payment or check (order: Régisseur de l'Université de Rennes 1).
(Rates on 2020/01/01)

Hospital practitioners: mail to buchuatlistes [p0int] univ-rennes1 [p0int] fr
Paramedical students: mail to bu-contactatlistes [p0int] univ-rennes1 [p0int] fr

Everything about registration process in the university libraries of the Rennes 1 University

Documents required :

Documents required:

 3 categories of  documents are requested:

  •  ID. Are accepted:
    • National identity card
    • Passport
    • Driving license
    • Residence permit
  • Proof of address in your name (or document attesting to the current address for refugees). Are accepted:
    • Telephone bill (including mobile telephone bill)
    • Electricity, gas, water bill
    • Receipt of rent (from a social organization or a real estate agency) or title deed
    • Taxation notice or certificate of non-taxation
    • Proof of taxe d'habitation [housing tax]
    • Certificate or invoice for housing insurance
    • Caf statement mentioning housing-related aid

A copy of an electronic invoice is accepted. Proof must be less than 3 months old. 

  • Proof of situation for beneficiaries of the reduced rate or free
    • Student enrolled in a public university or an approved establishment: student card or certificate of enrollment
    • Teacher, researcher or staff of a public university or an approved establishment: professional card or equivalent
    • Job seeker or beneficiary of social minima: notification of the service, or receipt, or certificate of payment from the service provider (original or copy of less than 6 months mentioning the name and address of the beneficiary)
    • Refugee: OFPRA receipt for example

Validation of the Sesame account

Presumably 1 hour after your registration and at the most the next day, you will receive an email to the personal address you gave.
Note your Sesame ID and click on the validation link.
To activate the account, copy your Sesame ID, copy and paste the temporary security code and then choose a definitive password.

Skip the activation page of the services, which concerns only the students and staff of Université de Rennes 1, by clicking on "Continue".
Your Sesame account is now active.

It is available and editable online.

Services of the library

Once a member, you can:

1. Borrow documents

You can borrow 20 documents for 3 weeks from the day you register for the library.
You benefit from all the borrowing services: extension, reservation, remote loan and return, "Prêt Entre Bibliothèques "(PEB) [interlibrary loan (ILL)]

2. Get a « Sesame » account of Université de Rennes 1

Once validated, your Sesame account opens access:

  • to the library computers,
  • to the Internet, on computers or via wifi (Eduspot),
  • to the printing facilities,
  • to online resources from library computers; you do not benefit from remote access to these resources,
  • to your library account on site or remotely to manage your loans and your private data.
3. Benefit from enhanced aid

You can further your research through an appointment with a librarian (1 hour of personalized session) and participate in library workshops.

Registration does not give you access to the university libraries during extended opening hours (after 7pm Monday to Friday, after 5.30pm on Saturday, 1pm to 7pm on Sunday).

Access to online resources

You can access online resources only on site, at the library: remote access is not possible.

Please note : access Lexis 360 to non-members of the university is not possible on site or remotly.

To view or download information resources online, please:

  • log in a session of the library computers
  • open the Internet Explorer browser (Mozilla Firefox or Chrome will not work, for technical reasons)
  • log in to the library website to view resources, via: