Organisation and operation

The SCD is the academic libraries division of Université de Rennes 1
BU Santé


The SCD is present on the University's Rennes campuses with its three academic logo Services Publics +libraries: BU Beaulieu, BU Centre, BU Villejean Santé.

It is also present on the remote campuses — Lannion, Saint-Brieuc and Saint-Malo.
It coordinates the work of about twenty associated libraries using the University library information system.

It also cooperates closely with the libraries of several higher institutions in Rennes: INSA Rennes, ENSCR, Sciences Po Rennes and ENS Rennes.


The SCD :

  • develops a library offering tailored to the needs of researchers, teachers and students, particularly in digital format, and coordinates the corresponding resources,
  • obtains, labels, manages, discloses and lends out documents and information resources on any media,
  • develops digital library resources, helps with their production and fosters their use,
  • helps to develop scientific and technical information, particularly by producing, collecting, labelling, disseminating and archiving university work,
  • conserves and promotes documentary heritage material or academic literature,
  • welcomes all university users: students, researchers, research lecturers, staff, and also external users,
  • helps users with their research and answers their questions relating to documentation, either on the spot in the libraries or via a remote information service,
  • trains users, particularly students, in library methodology in conjunction with teaching staff,
  • takes part in university cultural, scientific and technical events,
  • puts measures in place for welcoming users with disabilities.


Directrice du SCD : Véronique Prévet
Directeur adjoint du SCD : thierry [p0int] fournieratuniv-rennes1 [p0int] fr (Thierry Fournier)
Responsable administrative[Administrative manager] :anne-marie [p0int] vetieratuniv-rennes1 [p0int] fr (Anne-Marie Vétier)

BU Beaulieu

  • Responsable : alice [p0int] lemesleatuniv-rennes1 [p0int] fr (Alice Lemesle)
  • Responsable adjointe : flora [p0int] blancoatuniv-rennes1 [p0int] fr (Flora Blanco)

BU Centre

  • Responsable : bruno [p0int] bonnenfantatuniv-rennes1 [p0int] fr (Bruno Bonnenfant)
  • Responsable adjointe : cristina [p0int] pereiraatuniv-rennes1 [p0int] fr (Cristina Pereira)

BU Villejean Santé

  • Responsable : anne-celine [p0int] duboisatuniv-rennes1 [p0int] fr (Anne-Céline Dubois)
  • Responsable adjoint : xavier [p0int] chard-hutchinsonatuniv-rennes1 [p0int] fr (Xavier Chard-Hutchinson)


Responsable Appui à la Recherche et Documentation en Ligne : Thierry Fournier
Responsable Signalement et Informatique Documentaire : Sara Bernard

All University staff contact details can be found in the ENT digital work environment directory.

SCD Organizational chart

Organigramme SCD - septembre 2022

SCD postal address

Service commun de la documentation
Université de Rennes 1
4, rue Lesage CS 36402
35064 Rennes CEDEX

T. : 02 23 23 34 18
F. : 02 23 23 34 19
bu-contactatlistes [p0int] univ-rennes1 [p0int] fr