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Proven browser extension to facilitate access to online documents.

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Library Access as seen by an university teacher

Library Access, a simple application which I use to access many newspapers. This allows me to cross quickly different perspectives to understand our wide and sometimes very strange world.


University teacher, Université de Rennes 1

Library Access: tutorial

Library Access: free and immediate access to online resources

Library Access is a browser extension developed by Lean Library, which appears as a contextual window (pop-up window) to offer you a gateway to the document you want to read, regardless of the path you use to do your research.

It is triggered : 

  • because the University is subscribed to a platform that hosts the article you want,
  • because there is an open access version,
  • because it is possible to order it through interlibrary loan 
  • and many more possibilities!

To avoid overloading your pages for too long, messages automatically disappear after a few seconds.

Library Access also sets up Google Scholar to give you direct access to the full text of articles included in University subscriptions.

Library Access in Firefox on computers managed by the University

Library Access is installed by default in Firefox on computers managed by the University, to benefit from it, you have nothing to do.

To make sure the extension is installed, or to call back the pop up if necessary, locate the icon at the top right:
Bouton extension Chrome

Some examples of messages:

  • a Open Access version is available

Une version Open Access est disponible

  • The journal is available on the Europresse press base

Library Access : exemple Le Monde / Europresse

Note that the Library Access extension offers a number of guarantees in terms of privacy and collection of your personal data.

In rare cases, the extension may be installed but not triggered. In this case, follow our Hint ans tip to solve the problem!

Do not hesitate to contact us by opening a ticket if you encounter difficulties in using the extension.

Library Access on your personal computer? Another browser? For CNRS documentation?

To install Library Access (Lean Library) on a computer that is not already equipped, nothing is easier.Add it to your browser by downloading it, and choose " Université Rennes 1 " from the "Select your library" drop-down menu. For proper operation, the "Skip the pop up" box must be unchecked.

If you also access the CNRS documentation, you can add it to the second location extension.
Click on the Library Access icon, then on the notched wheel, then on "Add extra institute" and select the portal.
A pop-up will now appear whenever the extension is able to help you get documentation!

Consider possibly authorizing the extension in private mode.

If you encounter a technical problem, open a ticket

Library Access on your smartphone ? Yes but...

We are aware that many users search and access information resources from their mobile phones.
Extensions for browsers are usually not offered on smartphone as this requires quite different developments from what is done for Pcs.
This is the case for Library Access: if you equip your phone with browsers to install extensions (Kiwi Browser and other browsers based on Chromium, Yandex...), you will be able to install Library Access but its operation will not be optimal.