Library Access

Proven browser extension to facilitate access to online documents.
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Library Access: free and immediate access to online resources

Bouton téléchargement Library Access

Library Access is a browser extension developed by Lean Library, which appears as a contextual window (pop-up window) to offer you a gateway to the full text document you want to read, regardless of the path you use to do your research.

It is triggered : 

  • because the University is subscribed to a platform that hosts the article you want,
  • because there is an open access version,
  • because it is possible to order it through interlibrary loan 
  • and many more possibilities!

To avoid overloading your pages for too long, messages automatically disappear after a few seconds.

Library Access also sets up Google Scholar to give you direct access to the full text of articles included in University subscriptions :

Library Access et google scholar

Library Access: tutorial

Library Access as seen by users

Library Access, a simple application which I use to access many newspapers. This allows me to cross quickly different perspectives to understand our wide and sometimes very strange world.

University teacher, Université de Rennes 1


The Library Access extension makes my bibliographic research easier because it gives me access to articles or books on platforms that you might not think of! Even when I do an initial search on Google or go from site to site to find the full text,  a pop-up  appear whenever the extension is able to help me getting documentation I need!

Lisa, student in Sciences Po Rennes