ISTEX: platform and services

Access to and use of scientific literature acquired by national licence

National licenses and ISTEX: what is it?

Since 2011, the programme for the purchase of national licences, followed by the ISTEX project, has brought together the various Scientific and Technical Information actors around a common objective: provide online access to retrospective collections of scientific publications to the broader Higher Education and Research community.

Each year, new collections enrich the ISTEX hosting and operating platform: archive of magazines, ebooks, databases, corpus of texts. In addition to making these documents available online, the platform also includes a range of value-added services, such as the possibility of searching texts and content.

Researchers, the ISTEX team has a dedicated page at your disposal.

Some examples of available corpus:

Find all the corpus in our online resources pages or on the ISTEX site with a classification of corpus by discipline.

How to search and consult the ISTEX archives?

There are many gateways to the ISTEX archives.

  • The contents are indexed in Supernova, you will find them by a search in your libraries search engine
  • The ISTEX platform itself
  • The development team provides a series of tools to easily access and exploit articles: an extension for Firefox, an API, etc.
  • The Istex Button browser extension is described in our dedicated Hints and Tips page, as well as the Library Access extension, which will make it easier for you to access the online documentation

How to exploit the corpus with the services offered by ISTEX?

ISTEX offers the possibility to build corpuses in the framework of automatic language processing (TAL) or text and data mining (TDM, Text and Data Mining) projects.

A good practice guide is available on the ISTEX website and your librarians are at your disposal to help you in this process.

You can bu-contactatlistes [dot] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr (subject: ISTEX%20et%20TDM) (contact us) to learn more and discuss your project.

Conditions of use specific to the ISTEX platform

The User has the following rights to the available resources accessible on the ISTEX platform at
from the ISTEX API:

  • the right to reproduce the resources, in whole or in part, on any paper or digital medium, in any format, without limitation of number, and in particular by download or printing;
  • the right to extract sub-corpuses from available resources from the ISTEX API;
  • the right to access and use the value-added services available from the ISTEX API, in particular but not limited to analysis or processing operations (including automatically), search text, enrichment, sharing, collaborative work, association or interaction between resources;
  • the right to create derivative works or to generate new content from these resources, to integrate them into other works or databases;
  • the right to communicate to the public or to particular categories of public the content generated from the services available from the ISTEX API, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by any means or network of communication known or unknown, in any form, so that everyone can have access to it from the place and at the time he chooses individually.

The User undertakes to verify the terms of the licenses concluded with the publishers and available on the site to ensure the extent of its rights on the resources.
These rights are used by the User in its scientific teaching and/or research activities.