How to book a seat or a group study room

Come and work in the academic libraries, with or without a reservation.

  • Seating

At the BU Beaulieu, all seats are free, without reservation.

At the BU Centre and the BU Villejean Santé, it is possible to come and work with a reservation so that you can have your favourite seat at the library when you need it. You can also find places freely accessible, without reservation, in these 2 libraries.

From Friday 1st October: in the 3 libraries, a reservation is compulsory to work at the library during the extended hours: after 7pm (Monday to Friday), after 5.30pm (Saturday), Sunday (for the libraries concerned).

  • Group rooms

At the BU Beaulieu, reservation is compulsory for the 12 group rooms.

At the BU Centre, reservation is compulsory for half of the group rooms (those in the patio, on the ground floor), the other half can be used without reservation (those in room I, upstairs).

The BU Villejean Santé does not have a group work room..

Confirmation of attendance: from 13th September, whether you have reserved a seat or a group room, you have to confirm your attendance.