How to book a seat or a group room in details

Book a seat

During the day, you may book a seat in the BU Centre and Villejean Santé. There are also seats in both librarires that are freely accessible without reservation as well as the all the seats in the Beaulieu BU.
During extended opening hours  (October 1st - May 31th), which concern the 3 academic libraries, seat reservation is required.

Overview by university library:


How bookings and quotas work

A reservation can last from 15 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours. You may make several reservations per day.

You must confirm your presence on arrival.

Quota of available hours per person :

  • at a rate of 40 hours maximum per week (this limit change depending on the occupancy of the libraries )
  • in the 3 libraries (it’s not 40 hours per library)
  • up to 7 days in advance

The system offers you two-hours slots by default,you can select shorter or longer slots via the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.

If someone else is occupying the seat when you arrive, please ask them to vacate the seat. In case of troubles, please ask a member of staff.

Book a group study room

During the health crisis, the group study rooms are open for booking for a maximum of 4 people. The use of these rooms by larger groups is prohibited. Thank you for your understanding and for following this instruction.

A group room reservation lasts a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 3 hours.

You can book a maximum of 6 hours of group room reservations per week.

There is an automatic 30-minute ventilation period between two bookings: please respect it!


BU Beaulieu: 12 rooms are available for reservation for groups of maximum 4 people.


BU Centre: 4 rooms are available for reservation for groups of maximum 4 people.

The other group rooms on the first floor are freely accessible.

The person who reserves the room guarantees that the following safety measures are respected:

  • No more than 4 people in the group
  • Wash your hands at the entrance
  • Correct wearing of a mask is compulsory anytimes
  • Clean table and  seating area before leaving
Strict compliance with these instructions is a condition for keeping your libraries open.If you don't respect the safety mesures, especially wearing a mask correctly , you may be expelled from the library. In accordance with article 14 of the library's internal regulations, an incident report may be drawn up against any offender, for transmission to the competent authorities.

How to book ?

1. Online,

Book a seat via the online seat reservation system (Libcal), using your institutional email address only.

Rennes 1 students: beware, your email address ends with "". If your email address is not reported properly, you will not receive the confirmation email and will not be able to check into your booking!
  • Université de Rennes 1:,,
  • Rennes 2 University:,
  • CHU: (for the BU Villejean Santé only)
  • EHESP: ou
  • ENS:
  • ENSC Rennes:,,
  • INSA Rennes:,
  • Sciences Po Rennes:,

2. With the librarians

For all others cases, please contact the library in which you wish to come and work. Librarians will be able to book a seat for you.
You can contact us by email atbu-contactatlistes [p0int] univ-rennes1 [p0int] fr ( )bu-contactatlistes [p0int] univ-rennes1 [p0int] fr ( bu-contact[a]


3. Confimation email

In all cases, you will receive a confirmation email to the address used for the reservation, containing the details of your booking, your reserved seat number and the confimation QR code. Keep this email well!

How to confirm its attendance?

In order to limit the number of seats reserved but not filled, reservation works with an attendance confirmation system.

You must check in when you arrive. On D-day, at the start of your reservation, remember to confirm your presence: at the earliest 15 minutes before, at the latest 20 minutes after.

Without checking in, your reservation is automatically cancelled!

You just have to enter the confirmation code you have received by email.

You may do this:

  • From the confirmation email of your reservation: you will find the confirmation URL
  • Or by flashing the QR Code present in the library's spaces
  • Or directly in the Libcal reservation system
  • Or with the librarians at the reception desk

Change the language of Libcal

You can change the language of our booking system using the drop down menu at the bottom of the Libcal page. Choose to have it speak English, Spanish, Chinese or Irish. Libcal in english