How to book a seat in details

Booking a seat is now necessary to work in the libraries, due to health crisis and limited number of seats.

Seat reservation is compulsary to settle down and work in the library, including printing.You don't have to reserve a seat if you need to photocopy, scan or select documents from the shelves.Please note that the seat reservation is strictly individual.

The number of hours available is actually 40 hours per week.

[29/03/2021] BU Centre is saturated. In order to limit the number of seats reserved but not filled and to adapt quickly to this situation, 2 measures are taken from March30, 2021:

  • You must check in when you arrive at BU Centre (2 other university libraries are not concerned). Without checking in, at the latest 20 minutes after, your reservation is automatically canceled.
  • Only students and staff from the Université de Rennes 1 and Sciences Po Rennes may book a seat in BU Centre directely via the online seat reservation system (Libcal).  2 other university libraries are not concerned.

We invite you to book a seat at BU Beaulieu, which has a lower occupancy rate.