Testing reservation for group study rooms in Law-Economics-Management Library

From April 1st 2019 to May 11 2019: during 6 weeks you may book the library study group rooms online .

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  1. Reservation test
  2. How to book in advance
  3. The reservation steps
  4. Access to the service

The  Law-Economics-Management Library open 6 study group rooms with room reservation management Libcal from April 1st to May 11 2019.


Reservation test

The Law-Economics-Management library invites you to test the reservation for group study rooms during 6 weeks in april and may, through Libcal.                                                    

  • Ground Floor: 3 bookable rooms, 2 self-service rooms
  • Floor: 3 bookable rooms, 2 self-service rooms 

Share your comments with us at bu-contact@listes.univ-rennes1.fr !

This service is for students at the University of Rennes 1 only

How to book in advance

The reservation is made:

    • Via the website > Menu « Services » > « Reserve a group study room (Law-Economics-Management library)»  
    • Via ENT > « Bibliothèques »[ Libraries] tab > « Vos bibliothèques » [Your libraries]
    • On Catalogue and Sesame computers, on site

The reservation steps

  1. Select the study room of your choice and the required time slot, write your student email address @etudiant.univ-rennes1.fr
  2. You will immediately receive a validation email: you must validate within 2 hours, you can also cancel.
  3. Once the reservation has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email with a validation code. You will not need this code. You can still cancel (via this email or directly in the app).
  4. On the appointed day, you can go straight into the room. If a non-booked group is already using the room, please ask them to let you have it.
  5. If you are 15 minutes late, the reservation may be cancelled by the library staff.

Access to the service

  • These spaces are not bookable on evenings and sundays(Borderie study rooms)
  • Only the students from the University of Rennes 1 can book group study rooms.
  • Please respect the room gauge and book for at least 2 people.
  • You can book up to a maximum of 3 hours per day, and up to 4 hours per week.
  • The study rooms can be booked up to 15 days in advance, and up to the required day.
  • All reservations must be confirmed within 2 hours.

WARNING! These spaces are not classrooms or seminar rooms or TD rooms. It is not possible to reserve them for this purpose.

Students who have reserved a study room get priority over other users.
Should you occupy a bookable study room without booking it in advance, please be ready to let those who have done so use the room. In case of dispute, please contact the reception desk of the library.