Obtain a discharge

Leaving the university? Don’t forget to request a discharge!

  1. What is a discharge?
  2. Obtain a discharge

Your discharge in two clicks!

What is a discharge?

It is a document certifying that you have been released from any obligation to the university library.
The discharge is required for the validation of your degree or the transfer of your file in case of registration in another university.

Your library account will close when the discharge is issued: once the discharge has been issued, you will no longer be able to borrow from the librairies of the University of Rennes 1.

Obtain a discharge

  • In two clicks via the online form,
  • At your library reception desk in person or by phone,
  • Via your library account

If you are registered at the Law-Economics-Management library or Health library, the discharge will be sent to you.
If you are registered at the Sciences and Philosophy library, the discharge will be sent directly to the university registrar’s office.