I want to work in the library? I book a seat!

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Thursday, September 3, 2020 - 16:47
Booking a seat is now necessary to work in the libraries, due to health crisis and limited number of seats.
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[Sep 11, 2020] From September 12, your quota of available hours increases: you now benefit from 30 hours per week!


Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the application of national health guidelines, including maintain a meter between two people, university libraries had to remove more than half of their seats. While they offered 2,222, they only have 1,084 seats now.

Remaining seats are not sufficient to meet the needs of campuses and students, so a seat reservation system is intended for people wishing to work in the rooms of the libraries.Compulsory seat reservation ensures equal access to all seats in the libraries, in correct sanitary conditions, without queuing.

It is not necessary to reserve a  seat:

  • to come and borrow items
  • to come and return items
  • to print and scan (a few computers are available for free)


Reservation is made:

  • In all other cases, please contact the library by email or phone

+ info on seat reservation

Reservation time slots and limits

You may make:

  • a reservation of 4 hours maximum
  • several reservations are possible per day
  • at a rate of 30 hours maximum per week
  • in the 3 libraries (and La Borderie rooms from October 1st)
  • up to 7 days in advance

The system is configured to offer you time slots of 2 hours by default, which represents the recommended duration of a seat reservation.
The 30 hours per week concerns the 3 libraries and the La Borderie rooms (it’s not 30 hours in each library).

+ info about limits


In the libraries, the seats open for reservation have been numbered.

You can filter them by library, by zone in the library or by type of seat (standard seat, high stool, seat with computer, etc.).

+ information about the seats distribution:

Checking into your booking

In order to limit the number of seats reserved but not filled, reservation works with an attendance confirmation system.

You must check in when you arrive. On D-day, at the start of your reservation, remember to confirm your presence: at the earliest 15 minutes before, at the latest 20 minutes after. Without checking in, your reservation is automatically canceled.

+ information about attendance confirmation system

In conclusion

We are aware that this system provides a constraint compared to your usual use of libraries.

Its implementation being linked to the health crisis, we hope to be able to return as quickly as possible to normal operating mode, without reservation. .

Librarians are available in the libraries, but also by email and phone to guide you and help you use the seat reservation.