Drive des BU [Libraries drive service]

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You may book items you need and then come and collect them at the library.
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The library drive is THE service that saves you time when you need documents and avoids contact as much as possible

Library drive service concerns all library items (books, hanbooks, DVD...) except:

You can request documents currently available in your library or in participating libraries but also request a document borrowed by another user.

+  informations about library drive service

Vigipirate: temporaly, only students, teacher-researcher and staff from Université de Rennes 1, ENSCR and Sciences Po Rennes will be allowed to enter Rennes 1 libraries, whether to collect a drive or to work on site.

Your Libraries Drive service in 2mn chrono

Make your drive request on Supernova, the library search engine.

  1. go to Supernova
  2. log in to your "compte lecteur" [library account]
  3. find your item
  4. click on the "BU Drive" link 
  5. you can choose which library to collect it from
You must imperatively log in to your library account first and the click on the "BU Drive" link, otherwise you will encounter a "biblionumber" error message. In this case, go back, connect to your library account and then, in Supernova, start your search again.

Maximum number of simultaneous drive requests: 30 during lockdown (5 normally).

Bouton drive dans Supernova


For each requested document available, you will receive an email to your institutional address. You can also follow your drive requests in your library account.

Your order is held at the library's reception desk.You have 5 (working) days to collect it, from the email receipt date.It is not necessary to reserve a seat to come and collect a drive.