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  1. Focus : How to search and monitor information
  2. Formadoct

Focus : How to search and monitor information


Usefull for both undergraduate and graduate students, Focus shows step by step how to look for relevant information.

For each subject (Law, Mathematics, Health, etc.), the basics of information research and retrieval are described.

  • How to design your request
  • How to find a document mentionned in a bibliography
  • How to assess information found somewhere on the web
  • How to edit a bibliography



Doctoral students, read up on FORMADOCT, your distance learning tool for scientific and technical information.

Guides and videos provide information about:

  •     scientific publications,
  •     intellectual property,
  •     reference management software,
  •     open access and open archives,
  •     theses: standards and formats,
  •     research data management.

You will find all the documentation support you need, from creating your bibliography to writing, publishing and disseminating your thesis.

In addition, you will find material for the workshops and conferences we organise as part of our doctoral training course.

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