Easy online access

There are many tools and plugins to facilitate access to online documents. We recommand two proven browser extensions: Library Access/ Lean Library, and the Istex button

Library Access

Library Access is a browser extension developed by Lean Library, which appears as a contextual window (pop-up window) to offer you a gateway to the document you want to read, regardless of the path you use to do your research.

It is triggered : 

  • because the University is subscribed to a platform that hosts the article you want,
  • because there is an open access version,
  • because it is possible to order it through interlibrary loan 
  • and many more possibilities!

Want to know more about Library Access ?

Library Access: video tutorial

The Istex button

Once this plugin is set, it appears next to any reference available on the Istex platform (page is still in French, sorry !), when you browse a web page containing the item identifiers. Then just click to consult the article!

To install it in your browser, follow the guidelines (in French, sorry !). Please note: the extension is available under Chrome and Firefox.

Do not hesitate to contact us by opening a ticket if you encounter difficulties in installing or using the Istex button.