Documents available at the BU Centre [Center Library]

Subject areas and topics covered at the library

 BU Centre [Center Library] bookshelves
  1. Access
  2. North wing
  3. South wing
  4. Online resources
  5. Old books


Everyone can consult documents on the spot and free of charge.
In the reading rooms, the documents have a 10-year maximum age limit.
After this time, they are put in storage and are available on request from the storeroom document collection point, in the lobby. It is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6h30 and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

An exception is made for journals in room G: some very popular titles exceed the 10-year age limit. This is the case of  the Dalloz collection and the Semaine juridique (JCP) - General Edition journal.

North wing

  • Economics: Rooms B and C
  • Management: Room D
  • Languages ( dictionaries and courses): Room A
  • Novels, comics, DVDs, newspapers and magazines: Room A

The Languages space gathers the resources of the library and the SCELVA language resource centres.
In room B, books and journals in economy and managment are availables.

South wing

  • Introduction to law, international law, public law, etc. and political science: patio
  • Private law and criminology: room F
  • Public administration, general culture, working methods: room G, " Réussite étudiante "[Student Success] area
  • History, sociology: room H (1st floor)

In Room G, the most recent years of legal and political science journals are availables (in alphabetical order of title).
Close to the "Réussite étudiante" [Student Success] area, students have access to the SOIE.


Online resources

The documents on offer at the library go beyond its shelves — find out about online resources!

Old books

Approximately 8,000 works, including 2,000 spanning the 16th century to 1815, and 8 incunabula. This initially multidisciplinary collection, from Rennes Academic library (covering the fields of law, economics, literature, history and religion), was opened up to other works, i.e.:

  • 1,770 works from 1801 to 1830,
  • 3,970 from 1831 to 1914,
  • and other brochures and offprints.

They include University of Rennes 1 library manuscripts, for instance:

  • 247 manuscripts listed in the French General Catalogue of Public Library Manuscripts (accessible via the joint French catalogue Catalogue Collectif de France and the online higher education archive and manuscript catalogue Calames),
  • 453 others that have been listed but not processed (François Duine collection, including items from Lamennais and George Sand). A certain number of documents still need to be filed and listed — Joseph Loth, Dottin, Larguillère, Feuillerat, Dupuy, and various letters.

You can consult old books on the spot when the library is open (they must be returned 30 minutes before the library closes).
To consult old books in the libraries on a Saturday, remember to make a prior request by email or in person.

  1. Check whether the book is available online in digital format: Gallica, Biodiversity Heritage Library, Europeana, or Medic@. You will not receive the hard copy, except if specifically required.
  2. Fill in a request form, available at the library reception.
  3. You must leave your student card, library card or proof of identity while you consult the documents.

Some works, manuscripts or journals cannot be given out for conservation reasons (documents in poor condition or too rare and precious). Documents dated before 1920 are not available for loan. Microfilms can only be consulted at the BU Centre [Center Library].