Documents available at the BU Beaulieu [Beaulieu Library]

Documents available at the library

Rayonnages de la BU Sciences et Philosophie
  1. Ground floor
  2. First floor
  3. Storeroom
  4. Languages
  5. University - Working Life
  6. Online resources
  7. Old books

Ground floor

  • Press area: daily and weekly newspapers, and scientific magazines
  • Culture, science and society centre: novels, comics, DVDs, science history, science-society interactions
  • IT and engineering science centre: IT, materials, energies, networks and telecommunications, chemical engineering, construction, management
  • Life science centre: biology, botany, zoology, medical sciences, agronomy, food technology, biotechnology
  • Earth science centre: geology, mineralogy, geological map

First floor

  • Language centre: English, German, Spanish, etc.
  • Materials science centre: astronomy, physics, chemistry
  • Mathematics centre
  • Careers guidance service: careers, jobs, company life
  • Competitive examination room: CAPES and agrégation teaching exams, science of education
  • Philosophy room


Books, journals (issues before 2004), theses and dissertations, and old books (published before 1920) can be requested at reception and brought to you in a few minutes.


There is a Language section on the first floor of the library.
Here, you will find dictionaries, grammar books, exercises for preparing for TOEIC/ TOEFL exams, and foreign language novels for beginners.
This Language section complements the SCELVA language resource centre on the Beaulieu campus (ground floor of building 26).

University - Working Life

Books on careers, jobs and company life are available on the first floor of the library.
You will find books on careers and how to find jobs and traineeships.
There are also collections on management, working life, public speaking, meeting management, project management, and much more.

Old books

More than 9,000 works from the 16th century to 1914.
The 19th-century collection is of particular importance as it reflects the spirit of the age and the scientific progress of the time: Cuvier, Lamarck, Darwin, Pasteur, Liebig, Chevreul, Berzélius, etc.
The natural sciences (botany, zoology) are well represented thanks to donations from old laboratory libraries.
You will also find a great many books on mathematics, astronomy, agronomy as well as physics and chemistry.
A few collections of note:

  • library of bryologist Édouard Gabriel Paris (1827-1911): approximately 260 works that used to belong to him, and manuscripts of his letters.
  • documents from Lucien Daniel (1856-1940): manuscripts, metal sheets and other archival documents from this former botany lecturer who specialised in grafting.
  • manuscripts from the philosopher Jules Lequier (1814-1862).

You can consult old books on the spot when the library is open (they must be returned 30 minutes before the library closes).
To consult old books in the libraries on a Saturday, remember to make a prior request by email or in person.

  1. Check whether the book is available online in digital format: Gallica, Biodiversity Heritage Library, Europeana or Medic@. You will not receive the hard copy, except if specifically required.
  2. Fill in a request form, available at the library reception.
  3. You must leave your student card, library card or proof of identity while you consult the documents.

Some works, manuscripts or journals cannot be given out for conservation reasons (documents in poor condition or too rare and precious). Documents dated before 1920 are not available for loan. Microfilms can only be consulted at the BU Centre [Center Library].