Doctoral courses

Doing a PhD? Why not get a better grasp of scientific and technical information thanks to courses run by our librarians?
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Training for PhD students on scientific information

The scientific and technical information training seminar for doctoral students is held every year in late January-early February.

These courses are organised by Université de Rennes 1 libraries, INSA Rennes library and the regional unit for scientific and technical information training (Rennes URFIST).
The doctoral seminar is part of the Université Bretagne Loire course catalogue.

As a doctoral student, you can register for one or more of the following courses in French:

  • For efficient library searches

This course is individually tailored to each Rennes 1 doctoral school

  • Set up personalised monitoring

  • Create mind maps

  • Make your scientific work more visible on the net (training session also available in english)

  • Understand the various options for publishing scientific information and sharing research work

  • Manage references using Zotero (for beginners ou advanced level / training sessions also availables in english)

  • Broaden knowledge of Zotero (advanced level)

  • Manage, save and share research data (training session also available in english)

Course overviews are available on the Formadoct website.

The Study Morning

The seminar ends with a morning event held by Rennes Urfist along with Libraries of Rennes 1 and Rennes 2 Universities and INSA de Rennes Library. This event is open to every PhD student or every scholar working in a university or school of the Université de Bretagne Loire. Every librarian and information professionnal can also attend this meeting.

Registration to one of these training sessions or to this "matinée d'étude" can be made on Amethis (for students) or on Sygefor (for staff and scholars).

Study morning 2017 : « Liberté, responsabilité et éthique du chercheur », Michèle Leduc

Study Morning 2017 : vidéo « Les petits arrangements des publications », Hervé Maisonneuve

Study morning 2017 : Round table