COVID-19 and reception conditions in the university libraries

Health pass is not required to access the university libraries.[update: 2022 January, 4th].
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Due to the Covid epidemic and as part of the national reinforcement of anti-Covid measures, you must wear your mask correctly (mouth and nose) anywhere, anytime in the buildings.

Thanks to your attention and your application of the sanitary instructions, Rennes 1's libraries can open reading rooms and the services.

We rely on you to apply the safety mesures!


Health pass

Health pass is not required to access the university libraries.

Settle down in the library , book a seat

At the BU Beaulieu, all seats are free, without reservation.

At the BU Centre and  the BU Villejean Santé, it is possible to come and work with a reservation so that you can have your favourite seat at the library when you need it. You can also find places freely accessible, without reservation, in these 2 libraries..

In the 3 libraries, a reservation is compulsory to work at the library during the extended hours: after 7pm (Monday to Friday), after 5.30pm (Saturday), Sunday (for the libraries concerned).

Confirmation of attendance: as of January 2022, confirmation of attendance is no longer required. You no longer need to confirm your presence on arrival.


Group study rooms

Following the national sanitary instructions related to the resumption of the epidemic and their implementation by the university, the group study rooms of the libraries are closed until further notice.

We apologise for this situation.

Order your book

You need to borrow books, magazines, DVDs, etc. ?

You have 2 options:

  • Order them online via the drive, then pick them up at the library’s reception
  • You can choose them on the shelves and borrow them. In this case, you don't have to book a seat.Please wash your hands before touching books

Computers and printers

Computers and printers are available.

Seats with computers must be booked.

Please clean keyboards and mice after use.

Respect safety measures

  1. All patrons in the library will be required to wear a face covering at all times while in the building.
  2. Wash your hands regularly, and before using any equipment
  3. Wash your hands before touching the books on the shelves
  4. Do not move furniture. All furniture is placed in such a way to ensure safety protocols
  5. Clean your seating area with disinfection material provide
If you don't respect the safety mesures, especially wearing a mask correctly , you may be expelled from the library. In accordance with article 14 of the library's internal regulations, an incident report may be drawn up against any offender, for transmission to the competent authorities.

COVID-19 : Report your situation

This questionnaire is intended for students and staff of Université de Rennes 1 concerned by the preventive measures taken by our university in the context of the fight against the spread of Covid19. It allows you to inform the university services so that the institution can take the best measures to fight against the epidemic.

Beware that the completeness of this test does not stand for a medical advice , if you have any doubts about your condition, please contact your general practitioner.

If your situation changes (e.g: you test positive, you have symptoms ) please fill out the form again to inform us of this change.

COVID-19 : Report your situation