How to borrow documents, which types of documents and for how long?
Accueil de la BU Centre : comment empunter des documents

Borrowing terms

You are You can borrow For Extend loan period
Undergraduate/ Master student 20 items 3 weeks twice , for 3 weeks
PhD student and staff 30 items 5 weeks twice , for 3 weeks
External registered user 20 items 3 weeks twice , for 3 weeks

Special cases

Types of document Maximum items For Extend loan period Reservation
Legal code (BU Centre [Center Library]) 5 items 2 weeks No No
French national medical exam (ECN) 5 items 2 weeks No No

The number of documents you can borrow is the same in every Rennes 1 libraries.

Types of document you can borrow

You can borrow the following in the 3 university libraries:

  • All books except those labelled “not for loan” and old books (published before 1920)
  • All journal issues, except the very latest one, unless it's a specific legal journal or a daily magazine
  • Theses and dissertations, except in the case of specific confidentiality provisions
  • DVD

Extend my loan

You can renew items:

  • online, via your library account,
  • at the library reception desk,
  • using the self-service machines

You can renew your library items 2 times each.
The extension is possible only during the last week of loan and adds a period of three weeks after the planned date of return.

You are Initial duration of the loan Extend loan period
Undergraduate / Master student 3 weeks 3 weeks
PhD student and staff 5 weeks 3 weeks
External registered user 3 sweeks 3 weeks

Renewal is not possible if...

You cannot renew your library items if:

  • you have overdue items,
  • your library account has been suspended,
  • the item you wish to keep has been reserved by another user,
  • it is a legal code from the BU Centre,
  • it is a French national medical exam (ECN) document from the BU Villejean Santé