How to borrow documents, which types of documents and for how long?

Accueil de la BU Droit-Économie-Gestion - © Rodrigue MBock pour le SCD de Rennes 1
  1. Borrowing terms
  2. Types of document you can borrow
  3. Drop box

Borrowing terms

You are You can borrow For Extend loan period
Undergraduate/ Master student 20 items 3 weeks twice , for 3 weeks
PhD student and staff    30 items 5 weeks twice , for 3 weeks
External registered user 20 items 3 weeks twice , for 3 weeks

Special cases

Types of document Maximum items For Extend loan period Reservation
Legal code (BU Centre [Center Library]) 5 items 2 weeks No No
French national medical exam (ECN) 5 items 2 weeks No No

The number of documents you can borrow applies for all Rennes 1 libraries.

Types of document you can borrow

You can borrow the following in the 3 university libraries:

  • All books except those labelled “not for loan” and old books (published before 1920)
  • All journal issues, except the very latest one (unless it's a specific legal journal or a daily magazine)
  • Theses and dissertations, except in the case of specific confidentiality provisions
  • DVD

Drop box

Your borrowed documents must be returned without delay but you cannot come during the opening hours of the BU Villejean Santé [Villejean-Health LIbrary] or the BU Beaulieu [Beaulieu Library]  ? A book drop box is at your disposal in front of the university library!


Book drop box Schedules:

  • Monday to Friday, after 7pm until 8:45am,
  • On weekends from Saturday 5:30pm on .

Returned books are recorded in every morning after checking their statut. Items put into the drop box after business hours will be backdated to the previous business day. Unless this operation is performed, documents will remain on your account and you will still be liable for them.

Please note:

  • If the outside drop box is full, please do not force the items into the box for this would cause the drawer to get automatically locked up.  .
  • During lengthy vacation time, the drop box may not be available due to its limited capacity.
  • Should the drop box be full or locked, please keep your library items, do not leave them outside the box.
  • Any overdue materials returned in the drop box will be subject to the regular fine.
  • The same late charges apply regardless of whether the overdue materials are returned via the drop box or are returned at the  library desk.