How many items can I borrow?

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  1. How many items can I borrow?
  2. What can I borrow?
  3. Overdue items

How many items can I borrow?

You are ... You can borrow ... For ....
Undergraduate/ Master student 20 items 3 weeks
PhD student and staff    30 items 5 weeks
External registered user 20 items 3 weeks

The number of documents you can borrow applies for all Rennes 1 libraries.

What can I borrow?

You can borrow the following in the three university libraries:

  • All books except those labelled “not for loan” and old books (published before 1920)
  • All journal issues, except the very latest one (unless it's a specific legal journal or a daily magazine)
  • Theses and dissertations, except in the case of specific confidentiality provisions
  • Two DVDs for one week
  • Laptops to be used on the spot and smaller equipment items, in each of the three ULs (“Equipment available” section)

Overdue items

You can check the number of documents you have on loan and their due dates at any time via your library account.

  • We send you an email reminder two days before the loan period expires
  • You will receive a 1st overdue message by email when one week late
  • You will receive a 2nd overdue message by email when two weeks late
  • After two overdue messages, you will receive a 3rd email, with "arrêt-dossier" [blocking of your file in schooling], charged 10 €