Access and opening hours

The 3 university libraries are open to everyone, academics and non-academics.

Opening hours


Access to the libraries

  • During the main hours

The 3 university libraries are open to all, university or not, without the need to register.


The extended opening hours are reserved for students, teachers and staff of the Université de Rennes 1, Rennes 2 university, EHESP, ENS, ENSCR, INSA Rennes and Sciences Po Rennes

Some spaces are concerned, not the whole library: the other rooms are therefore closed at 7pm (Monday-Friday) or 5.30pm (Saturday).

  Spaces available during extended hours Specific conditions of access
BU Beaulieu Ground floor only -
BU Centre

Patio (included carrel and group rooms)


Room F

Room G

Access via 1, rue de la Borderie during extended hours.

Access via the cloister is closed.


BU Villejean Santé Ground floor only (Madeleine Brès and Martin Winckler rooms) -