Information security : Free hand to students

You are a student ? You are concerned by mass surveillance : come and train other students and other people to protect their online privacy!

Cryptoparty handbook day 2 par Binary Koala
  1. Information security: Share your skills with others (students and other people)
  2. Privacy in a mass-surveillance era
  3. The Digital Freedom Festival

Information security: Share your skills with others (students and other people)

You are a student and would like to share some of your knowledge and skills about personal data protection, anonymous connections, obfuscation, encryption? The University Library opens its doors to you and provides a room and computers on January 30, 2019.

The deadline of 12 Novembre has been extended: to participate, you have until 7th December to send an email to Damien Belvèze with a description of your project. We will contact you after December 7.



You may run a workshop either in French or in English. The announcement is also open to staff from Rennes 1, the session in which the staff will take part will take place in the morning from 9am to 12pm


Privacy in a mass-surveillance era

We all have something to hide, not because it's illegal, but simply because it's.. private.

Privacy shapes the outline of our personality. Without it, we could not experiment, learn, think and make informed choices. Yet, electronic surveillance threatens this fundamental right.
However, there are economical and relatively reliable ways to counter the most common attacks or to cover up the traces left on the web. The first thing to do is to become aware of the extent of this monitoring at the sites where we are going to collect information.

The Digital Freedom Festival

Official festival poster of the Digital Freedom Festival

The "Free hand to students" event is one of the actions proposed by University of Rennes 1  during the Digital Freedom Festival which will take place from 25 January to 9 February 2019 in Rennes and other cities.
This festival highlights initiatives aimed at guaranteeing everyone's anonymity or control over their data and advocates freedom of sharing, freedom of creation and a neutral and decentralized internet.